Mission & Vision

  • Quality First

    Food safety is our first priority, along with taste.
    We believe that there is no path to delicacy but food safety. Therefore, we put the safety of our ingredients as the first priority, followed by taste along with flavor of our products.

  • Customer Supremacy

    Our primary principle is to satisfy customers’ demands. We supply various types of corporeal products and immaterial services, sincerely and dedicated to providing high quality wholeheartedly to customer.

  • Steady and Innovative,Win-Win Situation

    We run our business firm, steady and with innovation. We push forward our own claim of retail quality and business management; and then pursue the growth of franchisee. We do our best to reach the win-win scenario with consumers, franchisee, and chain system.


Cooperating with professional factories, we produce outstanding tea with unique Gong-Cha taste and insist in using strict standards for our tea. Every batch of tea has undergone the international SGS examination to ensure it was certificated. Hence, the teas we use always comply with the pesticide residue standard from the health department. Besides, we boil our tea every single day to ensure our tea is fresh and tasty; what’s more, our tea is never used over 4 hours, and over-night tea will never be used.


We adopted high standard water purification facilities, the water we use to boil tea, making ice cubes and drinks totally bactericidal. Consumers may rest assured that all of our products are hygienic and safe.